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here are a few poems ive written

Tales Forged of Gold

I dream of tales, of tales of old. Hewn by steel and forged with gold. Molten silver poured in molds. And velvet books that wisdom holds. And the stories an tales they unfold. Where ledgends walk on dusty roads. Apon lay lines to magic nodes. To find a beach of enchanted stones. The crags an forests are my home. I sleep at night in a dragons tomb. For i am the one who taught the elves rhyme. If they live for a day or live for all time. Knowledge is power so power is mine. But knowledge without wisdom is power thats blind. So wisdom i seek in mystic times. In fantasy worlds and creatures of old. To learn the lore of tales, tales forged of gold.

Being of the Sky

There is a beingKnown by none Who soars near to yonder sunHe soars up And he soars downAnd then flies over many towns He soars this way He soars that way And with not one single delay He is a being of love A being of hate A being who cares not For pieces of eight

The Dragon Kin

A firey curtian covers the land To boil the seas and melt the sand To leave the earth with a deadly brand Keep tooth and claw close at hand But hate them not, they know the way To riddle through the night and day And sit for an eternaty And wait for opretunaty To strike or greet by choice of heart Unaffected by sword or dart Thier grace alone is but art Thier majesty is tragedy Catasrophy but placidly They fly above the morning clouds Striking awe in mortal crowds