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whats playing? - cosmo canyon theme

Green materia - magic

materia location spells
ice initially equiped ice/ice2/ice3
lightning initially equiped bolt/bolt2/bolt3
restore #1 reactor cure/cure2/regen./cure3
fire sector 7 / materia shop fire/fire2/fire3
poison 67th floor / shinra corp. bio/bio2/bio3
earth kalm ship quake/quake2/quake3
heal kalm ship poisona/esuna/resist
revive junon ship life/life2
transform mt.corel mini/frog
mystify gongaga shop berserk/confusion
time gongaga shop haste/slow/stop
gravity cave of the gi demi/demi2/demi3
destruct from sephiroth in the shinra mansion deBarrier/deSpell/death
barrier rocket town shop barrier/Mbarrier/reflect/wall
exit rocket town shop escape/remove
comet forgoten city comet/comet2
full cure cosmo canyon(hidden out window in item shop) full cure
contain white chocobo in mideel freeze/break/tornado/flare
ultima north corel after train stoping ultima
shield last dungeon shield
master magic cosmo canyon

Yellow materia - command

materia location ability
steal midgar sewers steal
sense sector 6 playground sense
enemy skill 68th floor/shinra corp. enemy skill
throw Yuffie recruit throw/coin
manipulate Cait Sith recruit manip.
death blow gongaga reactor/back road Dblow
morph temple of the ancients morph
double cut sunken shinra airship (look in the corners of the closest room to the entrance) x2cut/x4cut
w-summon 64,000 bp at the battle square/golden saucer w-summ.
slash all ancient forest/defeat shadow beast attack all
mime south of wutai/cave/green chocobo needed mime
w-magic final dungeon/above command counter w-magic
w-item under midgar in the "stop the mad scientist with the mako cannon" senerio
keep heading south down the train tunnel

Blue materia - support

materia location effect
all sector 7 beginers hall uses paired magic on all enemies or all allies
elemental 62nd floor/shinra corp. adds paired element to weapon or armour (for armour you
take less damage from that element. for weapon u do
more damage to creature vulnrable to that element)
hint:try mixing kajita with this
added effect cave of the gi adds paired effect to weapon (must be paired to
a status changeing materia. must be
on weapon) hint: try mixing this with hades
mp absorb wutai item shop / chest when ever paired materia is used, u steal some mp
hp absorb wutai cat house when ever paired materia is used u steal some hp
added cut great glaicer when ever paired materia is used u chop at the same time
mp turbo whirlwind maze increases power and mp cost of paired magic or summon
steal as well wutai mountians magic steal when you use paired materia
counter chocobo racing gift counters with paired materia when ever attacked
final attack special tournement at battle square when character dies he/she uses paired materia before
quadra magic north east of mideel/cave/blue chocobo needed does paired magic or summon materia 4 times for the cost
of one (note this cannot be used with knights of the
round summon)

Red materia - summon

materia location effects
choco-mog chocobo farm from chocobos none
shiva junnon/from pricilla none
ifrit shinra boat defeat/jenva birth none
ramuh chocobo racing room/golden saucer none
titan in deserted gangaga reactor none
odin safe in the shinra mansion none
kajata sleeping forest none
bahamat centra shrine/defeat the red dragon none
alexander great glacier defeat the snow level none
neo-bahamat whirlwind maze none
leviathan wutai pagoda/defeat godo none
pheonix fort condor life 2 on all alies
hades sunken shinra airship small/frog/confusion/poison/sleepl/
bahamut - zero blue huge materia/cosmo canyon none
knights of the round far north east part of the map
secret island/gold chocobo needed

Purple materia - independant

location location effect
cover aeris' garden character protects other characters
chocobo lure chocobo farm/lower right corner of farm meet chocobos
long range attack mythril cave / climb vines attack from back row with no penalty/hit out of
range creatures
counter attack niblehiem mountians/defeat materia keeper counter when attacked
enemy lure 250bp at the battle square in golden saucer increases ranom encounter rate
enemy away chocobo racing gift/golden saucer chocobo square decreases ramdom encounter rate
speed plus 4000bp at the battle square in golden saucer increases speed
mp plus cosmo canyon shop increases mp
hp plus cosmo canyon shop increases hp
luck plus temple of the ancients increases luck
magic plus corel vally cave increases magic power
gil plus 1,000 gp at the wonder square in golden saucer increases gil recieved after a battle
exp. plus 2,000 gp at the wonder square in golden saucer doubles experiance recieved after a battle
hp to mp north of north corel/cave/black chocobo needed switches hp and mp(not to useful)
mega all final dungeon all on every action
underwater kalm traveler fight underwater for as long as you want

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