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whats playing? - clouds theme (memories)
Cloud Strife
32,000 bp at the battle square in golden saucer.
this thing is fun to watch and its a powerhouse.
it does more than knights of the round

Tifa Lockheart
Final Heaven
Go back to Tifa's house in nibelhiem and you
will find a piano on the second floor.
Play the following tune:
Cross. Square. Triangle. (R1+Triangle).
(R1+Square). Cross. Square. Triangle.
(R1+Cross). Circle. Cross. Square.
Cross. Note that (R1+Cross) is the
same as (L1+Cross), and (R1+Cross) means
hold down R1 and then press Cross.

Barret Wallace
Go back to North Corel and you will
see a well. Go to the house next to the well
and talk to the man inside.

Aeris Gainsborough
Great Gospel
You can find a cave across the mountians
near Midgar with a man sleeping in it.
The man will tell you information like
how many battles you have won and how
many times you have run away.
Every time the last two digits of
the number of battles you have won are the
same, he will give you something.
Most of the time he will give you
Mythril. Bring this orb to a man
in a little house south of Costa Del Sol,
the man will let you open one of
the treasure boxes in his house.
Go upstairs and you will find Aerith's
Limit inside a small safe on the wall.

Cosmo Memory
When Bunenhagen falls ill he gives it
to red XIII in cosmo canyon. But i
know someine who got it from the
safe in the shinra mansion at nibelhiem
and i know somone who just got it
in a random encounter!!!

Cid Highwind
Sunken shinra airship its in one of
the chests. remember to look around
in here there is some cool stuff.

Yuffie Kisaragi
All Creation
Go to godo's pagoda in wutai with
yuffie and defeat all 5 opponents

Cait Sith
Cait Sith does not have a level 4 limmit

Vincent Valentine
There is a circular lake surounded by
mountians in the middle of the west continent.
between junnon and gold can get
to it with a gold, black, or green chocobo.
Or you can find the underwater pasage with
your submariene some where on the north east
coast of the continent.
When u get to the lake go through the
waterfall and talk to the lady thats there.
Leave and come back later on.
Where she was standing there will be
Vincent's level 4 limmit "chaos" and
his best weapon "death penalty"

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