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whats playing? - materia thief

W-item trick
First you need to have W-Item and put it in the character who has the item
you want to duplicate. In the battle use the W-item to do the trick , first
choose the item and give it to any character.  Second, choose the item you
would like to duplicate. After that press X and the item will increase by 1
, keep doing it by pressing O then X until you have 99 of that item.

Items that can be purchased in the wonder square in golden saucer
Potion--1 GP

Ether--20 GP

Ex-Potion--80 GP

Turbo Ether--100 GP

Gold Ticket--300 GP

Garaf Seed--500 GP

Gil plus materia--1000 GP

Exp plus materia--2000 GP 

Trade gil for GP
At the entrance to golden saucer (ya know the place where you pay to get in) in the upper right hand part of the screen, against the wall of the lil building with the red roof. this kid apears about 1/60th of the time. he will sell you one GP for 100 gil. this is just useful when you got alota money and dont wana waste time playing games in wonder square. the easyest way to find this guy is to get a golden ticket and just go in and out of golden saucer. he will apear soon enough. note: the most he can sell you is 100 GP every time you meet him

Unlimited Sources
Don't you love those source items that allow you to gain a stat point for free? You know the ones im tlaking about, Power Source gives you a free point of Strength, Speed Source gives you a free point of Dexterity, etc. Well here's how to as many
of those as you want:
In the downed Shinra Plane in the bottom of the ocean, the enemies can be morphed into different sources. You can just keep fighting them and morphing them until you have your fill of sources! Here is a list of how to get each one:
Source        Enemy         HP         Where 
Power         Unknown       11000      Research Room, Cargo Room
Guard         Unknown 2     13000      Research Room, Cargo Room
Magic         Unknown 3     15000      Research Room, Cargo Room
Mind          Serpent       14000      Cargo Room
Speed         Poodler       6000       Hallway inner section
Luck          Bad Rap       9000       Hallway inner section 

Unlimited Ribbons and Tetra Elementals
for ribbons go to the north crator and go right when you an your friends first meet find some master tonberry's and morph them for a ribbon(they have around 45,000 hp)
for tetra elementals go directly south of cosmo canyon to find an uncharted desert island. on this island there are these little cactus type things. morph them for tetra elementals. (i couldnt hit them unless i manipulated them first)

Key to Midgar City (sector 5)
First talk to the man standing by the doors back at Midgar City. He won't appear until after you've gotten the Highwind and rescued Cloud from Mideel Village. Talk to him, then return to the Bone Village on the Northern Continent. Chat with the man by the door and pick the first option, then the second or third option. While you could place diggers and hunt for the Key yourself, if you want to cheat, go over to the destroyed plane atop the dinosaur's skull. See the one excavator near the bottom of the screen? Near him is a tiny piece of metal sticking outwards (the nose of the ruined plane); position yourself underneath it and press up so that your character is looking forward, then dig. You can use the Key to enter the locked gates near Area 7 and look around Midgar City.

Getting Yuffie Kisagari
You can get Yuffie in your party during any disc. If you're in Disc 1 and are riding around in the Buggy, that will work, too. The two places that she appears most often are the forests beyond the Gold Saucer (in the Gongaga Area), and most forests in the Junon Area. After a few battles, you'll fight Yuffie. When the battle ends, you'll be in a plain with Yuffie lying nearby. There's also a Save Point here. DO NOT use the save point or she will steal some gil and disapear. When Yuffie gets up off the ground reply with the following...

Reply: Not interested

(talk to her again)

Reply: ......petrified
Reply: Wait a second!
Reply: ......That's right.
Reply: ......Let's hurry on.

Getting Vincent Valentine
The second 'optional' (or hidden) character in the game, Vincent can also join your party during any disc. first you have to get the key from the safe in the shinra mansion. its in the north western part of the mansion. the combonation is RIGHT TO 36, LEFT TO 10, RIGHT TO 59, RIGHT TO 97 remember not to go past the number or it wont work. when it opens a red materia pops out and you fight a monster. once u beat him and get the key, head back down to sephiroths library underneath the shinra mansion. stop at the screen right before entering sephiroth's library\lab and examine the brick wall. go into the crypt and talk to the center closed coffin. when vincent comes out reply with the following...

Reply: Talk about Sephiroth.

(When the coffin closes, press O again.)

Reply: Who are you?

Then, try to leave the cavern and he'll join you. Vincent can join you from the first time you reach Nibelheim onwards (but not during Cloud's flashback).

Tireless Chocobos
If you hold down the L1 and R1 buttons at the same time during the race, it will cause your chocobo's stamina meter to slowly replenish itself.

7777 fever
If your character enters a battle with exactly 7777 hit points, they will do a mega attack that can cause massive damage. When used up against Emerald WEAPON, this can do about 500,000 points of damage. Pretty sweet, huh? There are many ways to get it. 1-Get someone's HP below 7777, and make the last 2 digits of their HP 77. Then just heal them w/ Potions and Hi-Potions until their HP is 7777. do this is to get yout HP just above 7777 by fighting and useing potions enter a battle and turn your enemy to a frog and have him hit your guy doin 1 HP per attack let him get u to 7777 and kill him quickly. another way to do this is to go to ancient forest and jump into one of those venus fly trap things you will see that the last digit will always go up by one. this is useful for getinging the 77 as the last 2 digits

Getting the Cursed Ring
When in Mideel, find the locked door. Walk around the corner, and a board will squeak. Examine the squeaky board, and you will find a key. Go back to the door, and answer the man's question truthfully, and the Cursed Ring is yours!
Chocobo Breeding
You're going to need a lot of money, patience, and luck if you want to raise chocobos. The payoff is that you can breed chocobos that can fly, swim, climb over mountains and go to places normal vehicles can't reach. Here are some brief instructions. Remember, there is a random element to Chocobo breeding, so it may take a couple of tries to get the kind of Chocobo you desire. Also, be sure to save after correctly completing a step as you'll undoubtedly have to reset a couple of times during the breeding process. - After getting the Highwind in Disc 2, return to the Chocobo Barn. You can purchase stalls from Choco Bill for 10000 gil per stall, and you'll need at least four stalls (you can purchase six total). Remember, after you don't need chocobos any more, you should just kick them out to make room. - Before you can start breeding, though, you need to stock up on supplies. Fly to either Bone Village or the Chocobo Sage's house. If you run around on the grass, you'll eventually fight an enemy called Vrakoladus. Fight that enemy three times, stealing a Carob Nut from it each time (you'll need the Steal materia first). Then, go to the Goblin Island or Round Island and steal a Zeio Nut from the Goblins that live there. Finally, go to the Chocobo Sage's house and purchase 40 Sylkis greens from him. - Equip a Chocobo Lure materia. Fly to the chocobo tracks near the Gold Saucer (by the shore), and capture a chocobo. Press X to dismount from the chocobo, and choose the option to return it to the Chocobo Barn. You need to capture 2 chocobos from here, although you can get the other chocobo later or not get it at all, if you wish. - Now, fly to the chocobo tracks near Mideel. Capture a chocobo here, and send it back to the Chocobo Barn. IMPORTANT NOTE: The gender of a Chocobo is not determined until you return to the Chocobo Barn and name them. Therefore, it is advised that you save your game before naming them. That way, if you don't get the kinds you want (see below), then you can reset and try naming them again and seeing if their gender changed. - Return to the Chocobo Barn and talk to Choco Billy. Name your Chocobos (this will put them in the stalls). Now, go up to your chocobos and examine them by pressing O. You'll want to make sure that you have one male and one female (or two males and one of any gender, if you caught three chocobos). Furthermore, one of them should be the running kind (usually you'll want the females), and the other should be the walking kind (usually, this should be the males). Your third chocobo needs to be a 'runner' type. - So, you have at least one male and female, and one is a walker and the other is a runner, right? If not, you'll have to release the chocobos that aren't the ones you want and go and capture more (or reset, if you heeded the important note). - Choose to mate the chocobos, and tell Choco Billy that you want to feed them a Carob Nut as well. Hopefully, you'll get a colored chocobo the next day! It should be green or blue. If not, you'll have to reset and give it another go. Keep note of your baby chocobo's gender--it's very crucial later on. IMPORTANT NOTE 2: Later on in this process, you can race chocobos at the Gold Saucer (see below). However, if you have trouble getting the correct type of chocobo during these few steps, you can optionally choose to race them. The better your chocobo's race class is, the higher chance you have of getting the needed color type of chocobo. Remember that you don't _have_ to race your chocobos, but the chance of getting a new type of chocobo is very low otherwise. - At this point, waste some time, then mate your unused 'runner' chocobo with the green chocobo. You can repeat the last few steps (get a chocobo from the Gold Saucer, get a chocobo from Mideel, make sure they're both the correct types, and breed them using a Carob Nut). Or, if you got two other chocobos the first time around, you can then breed them together. Your third choice is to use the same pair of chocobos that you just breeded. In that case, you'll have to waste some game time, as chocobos that have just mated can't do it immediately again. - In any case, you'll want to breed your chocobos together and get a blue chocobo, using the steps outlined above. Your blue chocobo MUST be the opposite gender of your green chocobo, or you can't mate them. Feed the blue chick and the green chick 10 Sylkis Greens each. (these next 2 steps are optional) - Get in the Highwind and go to the Gold Saucer via North Corel's ropeway. Go to the Chocobo Square and talk to Ester. Tell her that you want to race using either your green or blue chocobo. The goal here is to keep racing until your chocobo's race level reaches A. To do this, win the races consistently; it will take a couple of tries. To insure winning, just use Automatic Mode for most of the race and hold R1 + R2 to recover lost Stamina while racing, or all four shoulder buttons to run faster. After one chocobo has hit rank A, do the whole racing process again with the other one. - Once your green and blue chocobos are both rank A, return to the Chocobo Barn. Breed the two chocobos together, using your last Carob Nut (refer to the above steps for help). If everything worked out, you'll have a black chocobo. - Fly to the Northern Continent (the snowy one), and look for Chocobo tracks on the western edge of the continent. Land and then capture a chocobo at the tracks. Return to the Chocobo Barn and name it (it should be the opposite gender of your black chocobo, and should be the 'dashing' kind--it runs very fast with it's head down). (this step is optional, but you still have to feed them a Zeio Nut) - Now for the fun part. Feed 10 Sylkis Greens to the black chocobo and the dashing yellow chocobo. Then, go _back_ to the Gold Saucer and race both Chocobos up to race class A again! When they're both at rank A, go back to the Chocobo Barn and tell Choco Billy that you want to mate them, using the Zeio Nut this time around. With a little luck, you'll get the Gold Chocobo! Unlike wild chocobos that you can catch, the ones that you've named are tamer, and if you get off them, they will stay where you left them until you get back on. You can also ride a tame chocobo into the Highwind and transport them around with you on the airship. YELLOW CHOCOBOS can go anywhere you can normally get to on foot. The sole advantage is that a chocobo is a lot quicker than walking. BLUE CHOCOBOS can walk along rivers, but they can't go past waterfalls. They can also walk in shallow water, just like Cid's airplane could. GREEN CHOCOBOS can run over mountains, even the pointed mountains by Nivelheim. They can also dash over _most_ cliffs and drops. BLACK CHOCOBOS can walk along rivers and move around in shallow water. They can also run over mountains and cliffs. Unlike the blue or green chocobos, the black variety can go over any cliff or drop: even walk up or down waterfalls, enter the canyon surrounding the Ancient City, or walk _over_ the ice forest that you have to traverse in Disc 2 after the snowboard scene! GOLD CHOCOBOS can do everything a black chocobo can--they can also walk in the ocean, allowing you to go anywhere you want, even into the desert surrounding the Gold Saucer (just like the Saucer vehicle). Truly the ultimate in transportation!

Knights of the Round Summon
Breed a golden chocobo and ride it south from mideel. you should come accross an uncharted island. go into the cave on the island and talk to the red light to get the knight of the Round materia.

Kalm Traveler
At the Town of Kalm, on the second floor in the house on the far right, there's an old man. This man will give you a reward if you give him an item he asks for. There are such items altogether.

1) Guidebook, decribed as "A map that was sunk along with the ship." Morph the Ghost Ship you may encounter in the underwater tunnel at Junon. The Ships can also be found in the Battle Square.
This item can be exchanged for an "Underwater" Materia.

2) Desert Rose, described as "A rose that blooms once every 1000 years in the desert." Defeat Ruby Weapon in the Gold Saucer Area.
This item can be exchanged for a Gold Chocobo.

3) Earth Harp, described as "A harp that soothes those who hear it." Defeat Emerald Weapon in the sea.
This item can be exchanged for three Master Materias. One of each color.

How to get the Final Attack Materia
The Final Attack Materia may be aquired in the second arena battle in the Gold Saucer.
To get this you will need to equip:
Escort Gaurd
Clouds L4 Limit Break (you win it by getting battle points in the arena)
W-Summon Materia (same note as last) 
Equipping all of these items in combination with each other will allow you to enter a secret battle! Beat all the opponents in the secret battle and the Final Attack will be yours!

Turtles Paradise Flyers
There are six of these flyers hidden in the world. If you find allsix of them, the owner of the Turtle's Paradise in Wutai will reward you with a Power Source, Guard Source, Magic Source, Mind Source, Speed Source, Luck Source, and a Megalixir. Here's where you find each one:
1) Midgar(Look in the house on the east side of the Sector 5 Slums)
2) Shinra HQ(1st floor, right side)
3) Gold Saucer(Ghost Hotel)
4) Cosmo Canyon(Weapon Shop)
5) Cosmo Canyon(Inn)
6) Wutai(Yuffie's Hideout) 

Chocobo Racing Prizes
Hyper--(10 GP), ranks C and B.
Tranquilizer--(10 GP), ranks C and B.
Phoenix Down--(10 GP), any rank.
Hi-Potion--(15 GP), ranks C, B, and A.
Hero Drink--(15 GP), ranks B, A, and S.
Bolt Plume--(20 GP), any ranks.
Antarctic Wind--(20 GP), ranks B, A, and S.
Fire Fang--(20 GP), ranks B, A, and S.
Ether--(30 GP), ranks B and A.
Ice Crystal--(50 GP), ranks B and A.
Swift Bolt--(50 GP), ranks A and S.
Fire Veil--(50 GP), ranks A and S. 
Turbo Ether--(150 GP), ranks B and S.
Elixir--(200 GP), ranks B, A, and S.
Megalixir--(300 GP), rank S.
Precious Watch--(300 GP), rank S.*
Chocobracelet--(400 GP), rank S.*
Sprint Shoes--(500 GP), ranks A and S.*
Cat's Bell--(500 GP), ranks A and S.*

Materia Prizes--
Sneak Attack--(300 GP), ranks A and S.*
Counter Attack--(300 GP), ranks A, and S.
Enemy Away--(300 GP), ranks B, A, and S.*
Magic Counter--(500 GP) ranks A and S.*

*--these are items or materia that are not available anywhere else in the game, if you want them this is the only way!

As a bonus--if at the S rank you beat Joe (the black-clad racer who rides the black chocobo named Teioh, the one with the
incredible speed burst at the end) 5 straight times Ester will give you Sprint Shoes, Chocobracelet, Precious Watch, Power
Vest and a Counter Attack Materia. 

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