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Shinra chain of command
Rufus and the Turks

Cloud Strife

A mercenary who once was an elite soldier in the employ of Shinra Company. On his own, he
roamed the land, finding work as he went and eventually being hired by Avalanche, the rebel
organization against Shinra's rule. Although reluctant to become involved, Cloud soon becomes
embroiled in a desperate battle for the preservation of the planet. His oversized double handed
sword is used to cleave enemies with brute force.

Tifa Lockheart

A positive and upbeat young woman who lifts the morale of her comrades.
Despite her stunning good looks, this lady is an aggressive and tough customer who can slug
it out with the best. She is also one of the key members of Avalanche. As a childhood friend
of Cloud, she harbors romantic feelings for him but has been unable to express them yet.

Barret Wallace

The leader of Avalanche, the rebel group fighting the planet's domination
by Shinra Company, the monopolistic power firm that controls energy generated by mystic
powerplants that are sucking the very life out of the planet. His right arm is fitted with a
special prosthetic gun unit that is all over brute power and little finesse. He is simple in
outlook with everything defined in black and white. He is a widower, having lost his wife in
a tragic incident, and lives with his daughter Marlene.

Aeris Gainsborough

A beautiful young woman with a strangely spiritual atmosphere. A flower
seller working the streets of Midgar, she unintentionally becomes involved with Cloud and his
rogue band. She appears to have magical abilities including cure spells. It would be
interesting to see what kinds of romantic entanglements will emerge in the game especially
with Cloud.

Cid Highwind

A foul mouthed but kind pilot who has never lost his dreams. As an expert
pilot, Cid can drive most anything. He is convinced one day he will be flying into space.

Cait Sith

A magical cat that is always seen perched atop the head of a fat mogli doll
it brought to life.  Using its megaphone, this character controls the living doll to launch
goofball attacks. Although it has little physical power, it uses a slot machine for triggering
variety of odd attacks. Its hobby is fortune-telling, but like its personality, the results
can't be trusted.

Yuffie Kisaragi

Although a direct descendant of an extremely tradition-bound ninja clan,
she herself obviously has little concern for conventions as evident from her outfit. She
forcibly joins Cloud's band of rebels to use them for obtaining a yet-undescribed object. She
is shy and utterly self-centered, but her huge shuriken throwing star and her ninjutsu
techniques should make her useful.


Just as the name says, a ferocious beast with flaming red fur. However, in
spite of its wild appearance, its intelligence is said to be at least equal to human
intellect. Given its vicious claws and teeth, this animal looks suited to in-close fighting,
but it is otherwise shrouded in mystery.  Even the origins of its name is totally unknown.

Vincent Valentine

A mysterious figure with brooding good looks and a dark, nihilistic
atmosphere. His involvement with Cloud appears to have something to do with Shinra Company.
Although he does not cut a particularly imposing figure, his body is said to harbor
horrifying abilities.


As a soldier of long-standing service to Shinra, this figure has
established a solid reputation for his fighting prowess. His past is sealed, contained only in
top secret Shinra files. Among the elite Shinra soldiers, he is one of the best. The long
sword he uses is a special weapon that is beyond the control of anyone other than himself.
Cloud became a soldier with a dream of becoming like Sephiroth. His look of quiet menace and
loose, but coiled readiness for action testifies to this character's swordsmanship.

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